How Many Stamps Do I Need?

Stamps are the tickets that you stick on the letters and parcels. This is the indication that you’ve paid the charges of the parcel for the postage. The Post offices still use the good old technique of Postage stamps, which helps them receive compensation for delivering the post mails. The stamps are to be attached to the post according to the weight and normal postage charges. Each parcel has different postage stamps requirements depending on the weight, size, and distance it’s being shipped. That’s why many people get the question, “How many Stamps Do I Need?“.

Well, the answer to this question is pretty simple. There is nothing to worry about the requirement of postage stamps. If you are thinking about how many postage stamps do you need, then you’ll get the answer in this post. There are different types of postage stamps, letters, envelopes and parcels, which you have to consider while posting the mail. In this post, we are listing all the information that you need about the same. Here, you’ll get all the answers for how many postage stamps per ounce, for a letter and for big parcels.

how many stamps do i need

What are the Types of Postage Stamps?

There are a variety of postage stamps that are available in the post offices. Each type of stamp is suitable for different purposes. In this section, we are listing the types of postage stamps for you. With these types, you will find it easier to choose the right type of stamp.


#1 – Airmail Stamp

The Airmail stamps are suitable for shipping the products through air cargo. The high priority parcels like important documents, artefacts, messages, and letters should that needs to be delivered in time are sent through the Air cargo method. For such parcels, you should get and apply the Airmail Stamp.

#2 – Certified Mail

Certified Mail is not a standard stamp but the printed one. It’s printed with the tracking number and provides the confirmation of booking to both the sender and receiver. The postal employees will provide you with the invoice, which acts as the postage stamp. 

#3 – Coil Stamps

Coil Stamps are the tear-off stamps that are issued at the portable vending machine. They can be removed and torn off easily from the letter or post.

#4 – Commemorative Stamps

Commemorative stamps are the special stamps, which are released to celebrate some event or commemorate a person. Often times, the commemorative stamps are limited edition and can become the best option to have in the collection.

#5 – E-commerce Stamps

When someone posts something through an e-commerce service, they get the mail with the e-commerce stamps. Such stamps are computer generated and useful only for delivering the mail. They are not a collector’s item or have any kind of image on the same.

#6 – Military Stamps

As the name suggests, the Military stamps are made for the military forces of the country. They are suitable for sending high priority emails related to the military.

#7 – Self Adhesive Stamps

Self Adhesive stamps are just like stickers. There is no need to apply any kind of gum to them. Self-adhesive stickers are cheap and available everywhere.

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#8 – Water Stamps

The water stamps are pretty simple to use. They stick with the help of moisture. You can lick them and stick to the emails with ease. Water stamps are not available these days due to health hazards. 

#9 – Forever Stamps

Forever stamps are pretty popular in the United States of America. They are the stamps that are valid for all time. They have no expiry date and will work anytime after the date of issuance.

#10 – Local Post Stamps

As the name suggests, the Local Post stamps are useful in sending the posts in the local area. For official communication, the banks, government offices and insurance companies use these stamps to ship the letters and documents within the vicinity.


This is the generic list of the Stamps you can find easily in the post office in your vicinity. If you are still having the questions “How many stamps do I need?” then these are the stamps that you should check out. These stamps are suitable for a variety of uses. So, you need to choose the right type of stamp and also choose the right amount of stamp. In this section, we are listing how many stamps you need for standard letter and other postage types.


How Many Stamps Do I Need?

This is the eternal question that we at post offices hear. The calculation is pretty simple based on the postage stamps price and the standard charges of the postage. But still, people need a sure shot answer to the same question. In this section, I am going to share detailed information on the number of stamps you need, the type of stamps you need and other essential information for the same.

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How Many Stamps for a Postcard?

For most postcards, you should stick to a standard postage stamp that is available at the lowest price. Mostly, you can stick the Forever card, or the standard first-class postage stamp is essential. For long-distance postage, mostly international communication requires special international first-class stamps, which are easily available in the post offices.


How Many Stamps for a Standard Letter?

If you are mailing a standard letter in the envelope within the United States of America, then you need the Forever Stamp or one single First class postage stamp. For all the standard parcels, like the documents envelope weighing less than 150gms, you should use the first-class stamp. For heavier packages, you should use multiple stamps based on the weight.

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How Many Stamps Per Ounce?

The requirement of the postage stamps depends on the weight of the postage. Usually, the postal department considers the weight in ounces. For 12 ounces or 0.75lbs, you should use a single postage stamp. The postage stamp should be chosen according to the type of the package. If the weight of the package exceeds 12 pounds, then you should use two or more stamps based on the weight. Each standard first-class stamp is valid for 12 ounces of weight. So, multiply the weight and get the number of stamps you need. If you are using the low-grade stamps, then make sure to use them accordingly, as you may need to use double stamps.


How Many Stamps for an International Letter?

For the international letters, you need to get the international stamps. For the lightweight, international letters, you should use the single Global Forever stamp. Global Forever stamp costs $1.25 and will cover the postage charges to send the letter in any of the support 190 countries all over the world. For heavier parcels, you should use multiple Global Forever or similar stamps.

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How Many Stamps for a Bubble Mailer?

Bubble mailer, which is usually a 6 X 9 Envelope with a bubble coating. It’s the standard method to send small products all over the world. The method of sending the Bubble mailer with the post is based on the weightage. For the first class bubble mailer shipping, you need to get the $0.21 International stamps per ounce. If the weight of the parcel is 5oz, then you should choose the stamps worth $1.05 + taxes.


How Many Stamps Do I Need for Overnight Shipping?

Overnight shipping is a premium service by the United States Postal Department. You should get the Express Mail Stamps of the equivalent fees from the Postal department. Overnight posts are to be sent through the post office itself, as it will help them to forward the same to the relevant shipping centre. It doesn’t need any stamp, but you should register for Express Mail with Overnight shipping at the Post office.

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How Many Stamps for a Manilla Envelope?

Manilla Envelopes are 9 x 12 envelopes. They are made specially, and that’s why known as Manilla envelopes. For the Manilla envelopes, you should use the two forever stamps per ounce. If you are sending the packages internationally, then you should choose the Global Forever stamps. For standard first class postage, you should use the respective $1 stamp per ounce. And for additional ounces, you should stick the $0.21 postage stamp on the envelope.


Final Words

The requirement of the stamps is a totally random question. There is no fixed answer to the question, as everyone has different postage requirements. Still, we tried our best-detailed information about the same. As a responsible person, it’s your duty to calculate the postage requirements based on the pricing provided and the weight of your parcel. Everyone will require a different number of postal stamps.

The postal department calculates the postage fees in terms of the Postage stamps. So, you should first get the total fees requires to ship your letter or parcel to the desired location and apply the equivalent amount of postal stamps to the same. This will help you to get the answer to How Many Stamps Do I need?.

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