Does Walmart Sell Stamps? Walmart Stamps Buying Guide

Yes! Walmart Sell US Postage Stamps.

If you are looking for postage stamps at Walmart, then you can get them easily. With the online facility, you can buy Stamps online from Walmart. As there are millions of Supermarkets and convenience stores in the United States of America, it’ll not be hard for you to locate Walmart and get the postage stamp for your requirements. If you are wondering if Does Walmart sell stamps, then it does.

You just have to approach the Walmart cash counter or the reception desk and ask for the special Walmart stamps online. You don’t have to worry about visiting the United States Postal Service office to get the posts sent. Just visit the nearby Walmart and send your postage to any place in the world.

does walmart sell stamps


How to Buy Stamps from Walmart? Postage Stamps at Walmart


Most of the Walmart outlets have Moneycentres. The Moneycentres are developed with the USPS. On these points, you can easily get the leaflet of the Postage Stamps at the same price as USPS centres. There are no pricing discrepancies and you don’t have to worry about anything.

Approach anyone at the Walmart Moneycentres and ask for the postage stamps. You can buy the leaflet of 20 stamps at Walmart. Walmart doesn’t offer any individual stamps so you have to buy the 20 Stamps Leaflet. Not just the postage stamps, you can book the Money Orders from the Walmart Moneycenters. If there are no Moneycenters in the Walmart near you, then you have to ask for the check-out counter person for the Postage stamps. The Postage leaflets are available at every Walmart outlet.

We have been accustomed to getting the stamps from the USPS office. So, people having questions like “Does Walmart Sell Postage Stamps?” are quite legitimate. The benefit of getting stamps from Walmart is that there are abundant Walmart outlets in the United States of America. You will find one in every city in the country. So, you can find the Walmart outlet easier than the USPS Sorting and Distribution centre to get the Postal Stamps.

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What Aisle Are Stamps in At Walmart?

Well, Walmart doesn’t stack up the Stamps in the Aisles. As they are not the commodity but the postage stamps, you won’t find them in any Aisles. Maybe you can find the imitation stamps, which are nothing but the fancy item which is good for decoration or crafts projects. But if you want to buy the postage stamps, then you should approach the Checkout personnel. Also, if the Walmart in your area is big enough to have a Moneycentre, then you can get the Postage stamps from the Moneycenters. Walmart offers the postage stamps at the checkout counters and not in any kind of Aisles.

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What Will the Stamps at Walmart Cost?

Walmart doesn’t charge any kind of commission or premium on the Postage stamps price. You can find the Postage Stamps at Walmart for the same price as USPS centres. The Leaflet of 20 Postage stamps is available at the same price as the official post station. So, you don’t have to worry about the pricing. Sometimes, Walmart may offer a special discount offer, so you will get the postage stamps cheaper with Walmart offers. Also, Buying stamps online is efficient as you don’t have to visit Walmart just to get the leaflet of stamps.

Forever Stamps, which is quite a common type of stamp in the United States is available at Walmart. The price of the Forever Stamp is 55 Cents per stamp. So, you’ll have to pay 11 Dollars to get the leaflet of 20 Stamps. As you are buying the stamps in bulk, you don’t have to visit Walmart frequently and can use multiple stamps for your convenience. If you choose another type of Stamp for your postage requirements, then you may have to pay extra depending on the type of stamp.


Final Words

Even though Emails and Chatting is now a major part of communication, Postal services are still thriving. Most of the important communication is still done through posts. Using the Postal Stamps and sending the mail is still an excellent experience. If the nearest Post centre is farther away from your house, you can get the stamps from Walmart. I hope we were able to answer your question ” Does Walmart Sell Stamps? “. If you are having any kind of doubts, make sure to use the comment section below.

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