Does Target Sell Stamps? Buying Postage Stamps at Target

Yes. Target Does sell Stamps in all of its stores. If you live in the United States, then it’s impossible that you’ve not visited the Target stores for grocery shopping. People claim that the Target stores are highly accessible in any part of the country than the United States Postal Service offices. Well, when you want to buy Stamps at Target stores, you can do it easily, as Target does sell postage stamps.

Buying Postage Stamps at Target is a relatively easy process. But many people still have doubts that if Target sells Postage stamps or not. Well, they do sell the postage stamps, and it’s quite convenient to visit nearby Target stores at odd hours than visiting the USPS office for getting the stamps. If you are looking for someone to guide you in buying postage stamps at Target, then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to share detailed information on stamps at Target stores in the United States of America.


Does Target Sell Stamps?

Yes. Target does sell postage stamps in all the stores across the United States of America. With the special partnership with the United States Postal Service, the Target stores are now selling the special Forever postage stamps. Almost all of the Target stores hold the stock of the Forever Postage stamps. But if you are willing to buy the postage stamps, then you can find only the forever stamps. The Forever Postage stamps from USPS are pretty useful in almost every scenario. These stamps will last forever and will not expire at all. So, you can hold them for a long time and use them whenever you want. The Target employees will only provide you with the Book of Stamps, which contains 20 stamps. So, buying the stamps in Bulk from Target will help you stock up for future postal communication requirements.

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History of Target Stores

Target is one of the most popular grocery retail stores chains in the United States of America. If we look at the numbers, Target Corporation is the eighth largest retail store chain in the USA. They are directly competing with the likes of Amazon and Walmart, which are currently dominating the industry. Target corporation started the operations in 1962, but the establishment of the Target brand was done in the 1990s. With the rapid expansion, the company opened retail stores in all parts of the United States of America. According to the official report from the company, there are 1,844 Active Target stores in the country. So, it won’t be a difficult task to visit a nearby Target store to Buy postage stamps.

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US Postal Stamps at Target Stores

The Federal Government of the United States of America is one of the best in offering convenience to the citizens. By letting the private stores and vendors sell the US postal stamps, they have made it accessible to most of the population. As the Target stores are present even in the remote parts of the country, you will access them instead of Post offices.
With the permissions to sell the First-class Forever Stamps at Target, you can find individual and books of stamps in stores. It’s pretty convenient to visit the Target stores for groceries and get the postage stamps along with all the stuff that you bought. Fortunately, Target does sell stamps at the same price at the United States Post Offices. So, it’s a win-win situation for the country’s citizens, who don’t have access to a Post office but have access to the Target store.

How to Buy Stamps at Target Stores?

Buying stamps at the Target stores is a pretty convenient process. You just have to locate the nearest Target store and approach the Check out a counter person to get the Forever Stamps. Unfortunately, Target is not selling Postage stamps online. So, buying Stamps online at Target is not possible at this moment due to COVID restrictions. So, you have to visit the nearest store to get the Forever postage stamps.

Target does not sell individual stamps. So, you have to buy them in bulk. The book of stamps, which contains 20 stamps, is available at Target stores. The pricing of the stamps is the same as the pricing from USPS. So, you are not going to pay anything extra but can receive a special discount from Target. Each stamp costs $0.55 in retail. So, you are going to pay $11 for the book of stamps, which contains 20 stamps.

When you are going to visit the Nearby Target store, make sure they have the Stock of the postage stamps. You can ask the Target customer support phone line for the availability of the Stock of Forever Stamps. Also, you can send an email to them in advance to inquire about the stock of stamps. Once confirmed, you should visit the nearby Target store and get the Postage stamps to book for $11 only.

Do You Earn Reward Points for Buying Stamps at Target?

Ohh! If you are looking to earn the reward points at Traget, then you might not be able to get the same if you buy stamps. As Stamps are the property of Postal department and not the Target, they are not eligible for the Reward Points. You are just buying them from the Postal Department of the USA, but Target works as the intermediary and not the seller. So, you are not able to earn any kind of rewards. But, Target does sell Groceries and you can earn reward points on the same if you like.


Frequently Asked Questions on Buying Stamps at Target

We love the readers who have questions in their minds. Don’t worry, we had many of them already. Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions on buying Stamps at Target Stores.  

#1 – Does Target Sell Postage Stamps in Stores?

Yes. Target sells the Forever Postage stamps in their stores. All of the stores keep the stock of Postage stamps and sell them at the request and not in the isles.

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#2 – How Do You Buy Stamps at Target?

Buying stamps at Target is pretty simple. You just have to ask the person attending the checkout counter for the book of stamps. The Book of stamp contains 20 Forever stamps, which you can use anywhere. Also, you can call the local store manager for the stamps.


#3 – How Much is Book of Stamps at Target?

A Book of Stamp contains 20 Stamps. As the price of each stamp is $0.55, the book of 20 stamps will cost you $11. Target does not sell the stamps at premium pricing but on the printed price from USPS. You can get the Stamps at cheap by utilizing Target discount coupons.


Final Words

It’s quite inconvenient to visit the USPS offices in the odd hours. The mailman’s busy, and no one is there to attend to you. It’s a common scene nowadays, so buying stamps at Target is the convenient way. If you are having the question, “Does target sell stamps?” then they do sell the stamps. In this post, we tried to explain everything about buying stamps at Target stores and the process of the same. Also, you must have got an idea of the cost of Stamps at Target stores. If you are still having some issues or doubts in your mind, blurt them out in the comment section below. 

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