Does Target sell unlocked iPhones?

An iPhone locked to work with only one service carrier is known as a locked iPhone. If you bought your iPhone as part of a contract, it’s almost certainly locked. However, if you purchased your iPhone from the Apple store, it is almost certainly unlocked. 

Target on being one of the giant corporations across the nation where people can find groceries, pharmaceuticals to jewelry, but does it sell unlocked iPhones too?

Yes, Target sells unlocked iPhones. And not just that, but with Target’s trade-in program, you may get cash for various goods, including tablets, consoles, wearables, voice speakers, and your old iPhone.

Does Target sell a pre-owned iPhone?

Certified pre-owned iPhones are new phones with new IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) and serial numbers “constructed” using previous iPhone components. Second-hand phones that have been repaired for new customers by third-party companies are known as refurbished smartphones.

Apple, too, sells refurbished Macs and iPads in the United States, including both fixed and returned items. The certified pre-owned iPhones that Apple intends to sell in India, on the other hand, are made from scratch and must undergo the same testing and processes as new phones, as well as obtain the necessary government certifications.

These phones also come with the same one-year guarantee as new iPhones. The certified pre-owned process varies by country, depending on the laws and regulations. So can you find it at Target?

Yes, Target does sell pre-owned iPhones.

What is the difference between a locked and unlocked iPhone?

difference between a locked and unlocked iPhone

Carriers can bind an iPhone to their network. This is especially typical when a phone comes with significant subsidies or discounts. Because a locked iPhone is locked to the carrier from whom it was purchased, you cannot just put a new SIM card in it and use it on another network, whereas, in an unlocked iPhone, the software does not lock an unlocked iPhone a specific carrier.

Instead, any carrier that the antennas can connect to will operate. You will pay full price for an unlocked iPhone because you can quit the carrier at any moment and use the phone on a competitive network. It may be possible to use a payment plan in some cases, but to quit; you must pay the whole amount of the iPhone.

Is it ok to buy a new smartphone from Target?

When it comes to purchasing a new smartphone, Target is one of the most popular and dependable stores. Target has a large number of locations in the United States. As a result, they have a large choice of smartphones, both high-end and standard phone models. It is safe to say that Target provides something for everyone.

Target is known for having the most cutting-edge and high-demand phones. Target sells several phones that work with the major US network providers. Prepaid carriers are also included in some phones. The best part of getting a phone from Target is that you can choose from a wide range of phones in various price ranges to fulfill the demands of different customers.

Is it ok to buy iPhone from Target and not from the Apple store?

Several companies resale phones and services from numerous carriers, although each major phone operator has its official store.

These authorized resellers could be a good spot to buy an iPhone; Target is one of them. However, not just Target; you should be good if you buy an iPhone from an approved dealer.

Things to consider while buying an iPhone

  • Trade-In Value: Some stores will give you credit for your old phone in exchange for a discount on the new one. The more cash you get for your trade-in, the better the bargain.
  • Please wait for the promotions: Because everyone sells the same iPhone for essentially the same price, stores occasionally offer bonus deals to entice you to choose them. If you keep an eye out for promotions, you might be able to get a free case, gift card, or another incentive.
  • Existing Relationship: Sometimes, the simplest way to get an iPhone is to buy it via your current phone company. Purchasing a new phone from your current provider ensures a seamless transition.

Should I Buy an iPhone Now or Wait for a Sale?

No, it’s not worth waiting for a sale to buy an iPhone. This is because the iPhone is rarely on sale. Apple maintains tight price control over its products, and because they are in such high demand, they do not require a price reduction to sell.

Small sales occur from time to time, usually around the holidays, or a particular shop may temporarily reduce a few models. There’s little reason to wait for a discount because you’ll rarely save more than 10% off an iPhone’s retail price, and often less than that. On the other hand, retailers like Target may provide further discounts on iPhones from time to time.

Can I buy an iPhone from prepaid carriers?

Boost Mobile, Cricket, Straight Talk, and Virgin are among the pre-paid phone operators in the United States that offer the iPhone. Compared to the main phone providers, there are certain trade-offs with pre-paid businesses, but you’ll probably save money on your monthly payment if you’re ready to make them.


Target prides itself on being one of the nation’s largest corporations, selling everything from groceries to pharmaceuticals to jewelry, but does it also sell unlocked iPhones? This is one of the most often asked questions among the general public.

We’ve also covered other related topics in this post and answered this question. Target sells iPhones that can be unlocked. Not only that, but you can get cash for a range of items, including tablets, consoles, wearables, voice speakers, and your old iPhone, through Target’s trade-in program.