Does Staples Sell Stamps? Buying Postage Stamps at Staples Stores

Yes. Staples does Sell Stamps. Buying Postage Stamps at Staples stores is pretty easy than you think. Even in the days of telecommunication, most of the professional and formal communication happens through the postage. With the help of the postage stamps you buy from Staples, you can send the posts and mails without any hassle to the destination. There is no need to get frustrated due to unavailability of the post office in your area. You can still get the postage stamps from Staples stores.

In this harmful situation of COVID pandemic, we’ve learned to maintain social distancing. Post offices do have long lines and crowd, which makes it easier for you to get covid-19 infection than the postage stamps. Fortunately, you will not experience the crowd and long queues at Staples stores. If you don’t have access to the post office but have access to the Staples store, then you can buy Stamps from Staples. In this post, we will be guiding you through the entire process of Buying Stamps from Staples.

does staples sell stamps?

History of Staples Stores in the United States of America

Staples is the apt name for the office supply retail stores chain. Staples is nothing but the office supply and stationary retail stores chain in the United States of America. This company works on the retail and B2B basis with the large corporations. Some of the staples stores in the remote areas do come with the special Copy and Print service, which proves to be helpful for the people living in remote areas.

Staples started the operations in Brighton, Massachusetts on 1st of May, 1986. Due to the unavailability of the Office supply retail stores in the country, Staples immediately became a hit business. Within the next ten years, the company was listed in the Fortune 500 companies of the world. As per the recent reports, Staples currently have 1,063 active stores and 40 warehouses in all over the United States of America.


Does Staples Sell Stamps? How to Buy Stamps at Staples?

Many people have been accustomed to buying the postage stamps at the US mail post offices. But buying Stamps at Staples for the first time might be confusing and little intimidating for most of the people. That’s why we are sharing the detailed information on How to Buy Postal Stamps at Staples retail store. To buy stamps, you should ask the store attendant or the cashier for the leaflet of the stamps, pay for the same and start sticking the stamps to the posts that you want to deliver.

Staples does sell stamps, but they only sell the book of stamps. They do not sell the individual stamps, but only sell the 20 stamps booklet, which is the standard size. It’s a great bargain, as buying 20 Stamps booklet will help you to keep the excess stamps in collection and use them in the near future when the need arises. Don’t worry about the pricing, as the postage stamps at Staples are priced same as the US mail post offices. They don’t charge you extra as the price of each stamp is fixed at $0.51. So, you will not pay excess while buying stamps at Staples.

Make sure to buy the adequate amount of stamp booklets, as each mail parcel requires different amount of postage stamps for successful shipping. Learn more on How much Postage Stamps you need and then proceed further.


Frequently Asked Questions on Does Staples Sell Stamps

People are always curious and will keep asking you a lot of questions. I know you are having a lot of questions in your mind. That’s why we are listing a few commonly asked questions on buying postage stamps at Staples.


#1 – Does Staples Sell Stamps?

Yes. Staple Does sell Stamps. You will be able to buy Forever Standard and Forever Global Stamps at Staples office supplies store in your vicinity.

#2 – Which Postage Stamps Does Staples Sell?

Staples is accustomed to sell the Forever series Postage stamps. Such stamps have lifetime validity and are first class series stamps. you will find Forever Standard and Global series stamps at Staples Stores.

#3- Can You buy Stamps at Staples Canada?

Yes. You will find a lot of great Canadian postage stamps and other collectible stamps at Staples Canada. They only sell Canadian Postage stamps.

#4 – Does Staples Sell Pokemon Cards?

Yes. Staples does sell Pokemon Cards. You’ll find a lot of variety in the Pokemon Cards at Staples Stores. From the Nintendo series Pokemon games to legendary Pokemon cards, you can buy everything at Staples.


Final Words

Buying stamps online is possible, but many people prefer personal buying. The feeling of physically touching the stamps while buying them is unmatched. That’s why you should always visit the nearest post office of staples stores to get the Postage stamps. As many people asked us ” Does Staples sell stamps?” we have to share this detailed and informative guide on the same topic. If you still have any questions or doubts, make sure to use the comment section below.

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