What Is a Forever Stamp? Everything You Need to Know

Even in the days of Internet evolution, traditional postage has not lost its charm. There are millions of reasons to send postage or mail through the United States Mail service. Well, the postage is calculated on the weight, and the customers have to pay either in cash or in the form of Stamps. The stamps are priced and when put on the parcel, it’s considered as the postage paid. That’s why it’s essential to apply first-class postage stamps on your parcel of documents or any other thing.

Amongst all other postage stamps, the Forever Stamps are one of the most popular ones. They are getting popular day by day after their launch in 2007. It’s one of the first non-denominated stamps in the United States of America. If you are confused about the Forever stamps, then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to share all the information about the forever stamps in 2021, that you should know. After learning all these things, you’ll be able to understand the need and benefits of Forever Stamp 2021.

what is a forever stamp

What Is a Forever Stamp?

Forever Stamps are Forever. Unlike the other stamps, the Forever Stamps will not expire anytime soon.

Forever Stamps are Non-Denominated stamps. This means these stamps won’t have the monetary value on the same. Instead, there is only the “Forever” word printed on them. As the name suggests, you can use these stamps forever.

Forever stamps were introduced in 2021 with the liberty bell stamp with the Forever word written on it. The Liberty Bell Stamp value was $0.41 per stamp. So, the value of the 2021 Liberty Bell Forever stamp will be the same without any depreciation. Also, you can buy additional ounce forever stamps to compensate for the additional postage with ease.

Why Forever Stamps Were Introduced?

Before the introduction of the forever stamps, the postage prices were fluctuating. The postage department had to print new batches of the stamps with increased prices each year. This was affecting the profits and the USPS was at the loss at that time.

For example, if the price of a one-ounce first-class stamp was $0.39 in 2006 and it rose to $0.41 in 2007, the users in 2007 would have to buy another $0.02 stamp to compensate for the postage difference. This caused major issues with the postage stamps printing and distribution.

Thus, the experts suggested introducing stamps, which will have the same value over the year. The value of Forever Stamps would be parallel with the postage stamps. That’s why it’s possible to use Forever Stamps anytime without relying on the additional ounce stamps for compensating the difference in postage fees due to inflation. In short, the price of the 2006 Forever stamp will be equivalent to the current forever stamp.


Types of Forever Stamps in 2021

Forever stamp is a category, in which there are multiple stamps available. Each type of Forever stamps is suitable for various usage. Here is the table of the types of forever stamps in 2021 and their pricing.

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Value of Forever Stamps in 2021

The Forever Stamps were introduced to solve the issue of decreasing the value of the postage stamps. Fortunately, the Forever stamps will have no depreciation or decreasing value. If you’ve bought the Forever stamp in 2007 at $0.38, then its value will be $0.55 in 2021. The Value of Forever stamps will increase according to the current first-class postage charges.

The change of $0.17 over 14 years will be a negligible per stamp. But when you consider the same change at bulk amount, then it adds up as a massive amount. That’s why Forever Stamps investment is one of the trending topics in the parts of the country.


Frequently Asked Questions on Forever Stamps in 2021

As there are millions of people who don’t have any idea about the Forever Stamps, it’s quite obvious to have doubts and questions about the same. Here are the answers to few common questions on this topic.

Why is Forever Crossed on a Stamp?

Forever is written in bold and capital on all stamps. They are not crossed on the actual stamp. The crossed FOREVER is on the digital image, which is to prevent stamp copying.  Strikethrough forever stamp is only an image and not an actual stamp.

Where to Buy Forever Stamps?

You can Buy Forever stamps from Walmart, Kroger, Walgreens, Wawa or any other convenience store. Also, you can visit the USPS office to get your hands on the same. You can also buy forever stamps online from the USPS website.

Buying Bulk Forever Stamps Permitted?

You have to buy the Forever stamps booklet and not an individual stamp. For the Forever Stamps investment, you can buy booklets in bulk. You have to convince the seller to get bulk forever stamps. It’s permitted in all of the States for personal usage purpose.

What is the Cost of Forever Stamp Today?

The cost of Forever Stamp today is $0.55 per stamp. You can buy the booklet of 20 stamps for $11 from any USPS office or convenience store. The Forever stamp value is expected to change in the coming years.


Final Words

Forever Stamps are the Stamps that You can use Forever. Their value will increase according to the postage charges in the United States of America. Thanks to the Federal Government, the Forever Stamps with Liberty Bell design was introduced in 2007. Otherwise, the Americans would have to buy the old stamps and then lose the value of the same after some years.

I hope we are able to clear all your doubts on the Forever Stamps. If you still have any doubts and still don’t have any idea What are the Forever Stamps? then you can use the comment section below to ask all your doubts.

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