Does Speedway Sell Stamps | Buying Stamps at Speedway Stores

Does Speedway Sell Stamps – There are many great places to buy postage stamps, but when you are traveling, the Gas stations and pit stop stores are the best choices. Speedway is one of the largest Gas Stations and Convenience stores in the United States of America. They have a wide reach, and you can find one almost all over the country. The Midwest and East Coast regions of the United States of America have many convenience stores from Speedways. But does Speedway Sell Stamps? Well, that’s what we are going to answer in this post. In this article, you’ll learn if Speedway sells US Postage stamps or not; if yes, how to buy the one and the cost of US Postage stamps at Speedway stores.

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History of Speedway Stores

Speedway is an American convenience store and Gas station chain, which is wholly owned by the 7-Eleven. It’s one of the finest gas stations that provide you with sophisticated and classic convenience stores for the comfort you need while traveling. Speedway first started its operations in 1959 as Speedway 79. The company was then owned by the Marathon Petroleum Corporation and was one of the normal convenience stores and gas stations. The company was recently acquired by Seven and I Corporation on 14th May. 2021 for $21 Billion. There are more than 32 active locations of Speedway that sell stamps in the United States of America.

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Does Speedway Sell Stamps? Can You Buy Stamps at Speedway Stores?

If you are asking if Speedway sells stamps or not, then the answer is affirmative. Yes. Speedway sells the First-class US Postage stamps that you can use to send parcels worldwide. The Speedway Primarily sells the First-Class Forever series stamps, which are quite common in the country. Forever stamps retain the market value and do not depreciate at all. They are lifetime stamps, which will work anytime. Speedway sells the stamps in the special Postage isles. Some smaller stores may not have Postage isles, so you can ask the receptionist or the Store manager to get the booklet of US Postage stamps.

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What’s the Cost of Postage Stamps at Speedway?

The pricing of the Forever series stamps is always the same across all the stores. You can buy the Forever stamps booklet of 20 stamps at $11 only at Speedway gas stations. The price is the same as the United States Postal Service, and you don’t have to pay anything extra. If you are a member of the Speedway Loyalty program, then you can easily get discounts and buy postage stamps at Speedway for cheap. Unfortunately, you cannot buy single stamps at Speedway, as they are not offering the same. You only have to buy the booklet of 20 Forever series stamps. The Forever Global stamps are also sold at a Market price in Speedway stations and convenience stores.


Where Can I Find Speedway Stores in The USA?

There are more than 3,923 Speedway stores all over the country. When you are driving on the highways, you can spot the Speedway Gas stations and convenience stores. Most of the Pit stops on the highways have many great stores, and Speedway is one of them. They dominate the Midwest and East Coast regions of the country, and you might find many great stores. Not just that, you can locate the nearby Speedway stores on their official website and get the exact location of nearby Speedway gas stations on the map.


Final Words 

Speedway gas stations dominate the Midwest and East Coast regions of the USA. With nearly 3,000 gas stations, you should always look for one when you have to buy the postage stamps. In this post, we tried our answer the question. Now you know if you can buy Stamps from Speedway Stores or not. If you have some doubts or have questions in your mind, make sure to use the comment section below. 


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