Why Did Walmart Stop Selling Live Fish in 2021?

Walmart has a lot of great items for the people. Including Pet Supplies, Walmart ensures the needs of any Pets won’t go unnoticed. With Pet Supplies, you can find a lot of great products for taking care of your fish. Be it the fish tanks, fish supplies, fish food, tank accessories, and what not! But does Walmart Sell Live Fish? Well, No! Walmart did not sell Live Fish and stopped selling it for the last two years.

If you are interested in knowing Why Walmart stopped selling live fish, then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to share detailed information on Why Walmart Stopped Selling Fish and currently if they sell live fish or not.


Does Walmart Sell Live Fish In 2021??

Unfortunately, Walmart does not sell live fish as of 2021. In 2019, Walmart discontinued selling live fish in approximately 1,700 of its US locations. While Walmart does not sell live fish any longer, customers can still purchase a variety of pet fish supplies at the retailer.

Why, exactly, did Walmart stop selling live fish? Continue reading to learn all you need to know about Walmart’s decision not to sell live fish.!

Why Did Walmart Stop Selling Live Fish?

Walmart used to be the store where most people bought their pet fish. It was about 30% of all sales in the US! However, the vendor stated that it would cease offering all pet fish and live aquatic plants for two primary reasons.

Consumers were the driving force behind the second innovation. It appears that live fish sales were decreasing, most likely because many of the fish appeared sick or unhealthy when on display in stores.

Another reason was the resistance of animal rights advocates. The non-profit organization PETA has fought to end live fish sales in shops that could not adequately care for them for a decade. The stores were asked to stop selling fish because so many of them are unhealthy or die while being delivered.

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When Did Walmart Stop Selling Live Fish?

In March 2019, Walmart announced that it would begin scaling back its sales of live fish. Walmart said that it would stop selling live fish. They also said that the decision to remove tanks from the store would be up to the store managers. Given this, the action of fish removal was not completed until October 2019, seven months after the first announcement.

What Fish Did Walmart Sell?

Before the rise of e-commerce, Walmart sold a broad range of tropical and freshwater fish that had to be obtained and carried from various countries. These included Betta fish native to Thailand, Tetra, Oscar, and Cichlid fish imported from Africa and South America.

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Does Walmart Have Fish Supplies?

Yes, you can purchase a wide variety of fish supplies at Walmart! You may get fish supplies at your local Walmart or online from their website. The following are some examples of goods available:

  • Fishbowls
  • Fish tanks
  • Fish food
  • Filtration systems
  • Aquarium gravel, plants, and décor
  • Aquarium stands

If you’re not sure what to buy for your new fish, there’s a comprehensive guide for first-time fish purchasers on Walmart.com. The book covers topics such as what makes a fish a good companion for children, how to pick the appropriate aquarium, and how to care for freshwater fish correctly. So if you’re planning on adopting a live fish, then you would find everything at Walmart’s online store or even in their offline store locations near you. Alternatively, you can ask the Walmart Store Associate for suggestion about the Fish supplies.

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Where Can I Buy Live Fish Instead?

Walmart no longer sells live fish. But you can still buy them at other stores, including the local pet store. However, most supermarkets in the United States will no longer sell live fish. If you’re looking for a convenient location to purchase healthy fish that are well cared for, check out Petco or PetSmart.

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Final Words  | Why Walmart Stopped Selling Live Fish?

As stated by Walmart, they had to stop selling live fish in 2019 for two primary reasons. The first reason was that consumers were not buying enough of them due to some people saying that many of the fish appeared unhealthy when on display in stores. Another reason was because of animal rights activists who fought against them for years. They wanted pet stores to stop selling fish because they are unhealthy or die while being transported. So, Walmart has stopped selling the Live Fishes but sells a lot of great fish supplies in their Store. This is all we have about Walmart and its Pet Supplies policy. If you want a live fish, it’s better to go to the river and catch one or get one from the pet store.