Walmart Bike Return Policy | Everything About Walmart Bike Return Policy 2021

Walmart does sell the Bicycles that you might like. Amongst all of the available products, there are a ton of great bikes that you can buy. But have you bought the wrong bike? You have to know about the Walmart Bike Return policy and then get the refund or get the right kind of bicycle for your needs.

The bicycle is a very popular model of transportation and recreation, selling over one million units per year. Walmart has great deals on their bikes, and you can get these at a lower price than the other retail stores. Walmart’s return policy for Bikes? Do they allow returns for Bicycles bought from Walmart store or Walmart website? What happens if we buy the wrong bike and how to return the wrong bike and get a refund?

Luckily, Walmart isn’t just an online store offering good deals on bicycles but also offers a free in-store pickup facility so that you can go through each product carefully before buying it. Thus, if your purchase turns out to be the wrong choice, you can go back within 90 days of the purchase date.

walmart bicycle return policy

Walmart’s Bike Return Policy 2021

The Walmart bike return policy allows you to return your unopened or unused bicycle within 90 days of purchase. Please note that this return policy excludes bikes purchased online and picked up in-store. To return an item, please take it to your local Walmart store for assistance.

The one exception is if the product was damaged during shipment, then you may be able to get a refund or replacement- all without having to bring it back into the store yourself physically.
For items purchased online via, contact Customer Care. Depending on when the order was placed, returns might be eligible through either or the Marketplace retailer’s website (depending on their policies). You can also use ‘s “contact us.”


How Long Do I Have to Return Bicycle to Walmart for Refund?

Many customers wonder how long they have to return a bike at Walmart. This is typical because Walmart bicycle parts are interchangeable with manufacturers like NEXT, Dynacraft, Huffy, Pacific Cycle, and Mongoose. These big-box retailers sell their house brands of bikes alongside other brands in their stores (NEXT).

The Walmart return policy for bicycles can be confusing because different Walmarts will put their policies on the receipt. At the same time, some online purchases contain an order number instead of having their policy printed on the receipt.

If you bought the Walmart bicycle online, you might notice that Walmart’s Return Policy 2021 indicates everything.


How to Return the Bike to Walmart by Visiting the Store?

If the bike was bought online, it could be returned at any bike store with the same shipping address where the bike was originally delivered.

The bike has to be intact without any damage or scratches. If the bike is not in a condition that the bike shop accepts bike return, the customer gets a partial refund minus damaged bike value.

The customer should bring proof that the bike was bought from the bike shop because otherwise bike shop returns money into the customer’s account through PayPal rather than holding the refund until proof of purchase is provided. 

At Walmart, there are two different ways how customers can return their unboxed bikes:

1) At the Customer Service desk: one needs to take the bike to the bike section. There is a bike return sign hanging on a bike rack. Customer returns bike there along with bike purchase receipt and receives a refund in cash.

2) At Electronics Department: the bike has to be folded at least once, so it can fit through the electronics department’s return scanner that reads information about the product being returned. After the bike is scanned under the electronics scanner, the customer gets fully refunded into an account or card.

If the bike was bought using Store Credit Card, only a partial refund is given directly.


Can you return the bike to Walmart without a receipt?

Can I return the bike to Walmart without a receipt? Yes. You can do that. This post will show you how easily you could accomplish bike return at Walmart, even if you have no bike receipt.

Step 1: Bring the bike in its original packaging and all other accessories. Remember, there is no time limit on returning products or bringing them back for an exchange or refund. So feel free to include any equipment your bike came with when returning it to the store! NOTE: The bike must be in like-new condition; otherwise, they wouldn’t sell it to someone else again (the one who buys the used bike).

Step 2: Provide personal information, such as a name, address, and telephone number. STEP 3: Provide a major credit or debit card in your name, which should match the bike receipt, so they will know it’s you again.

Step 4: Finally, get a bike return at Walmart receipt while you’re checking out. If you have any problems during the bike return process, then ask for assistance from store staff. In most cases, bike return staff can help you take care of everything right there on the spot without leaving the store!

After returning the bike using this method, please wait up to 48 hours to process your bike return at Walmart by the corporate office. This way, they will make sure that your bike purchase was valid and collect payment from you if necessary!


Can You Return a Bicycle Given to You As a Gift at Walmart? 

Bicycles are popular gift items during the holidays. They are also among the worst return gifts to receive. So how do you return a bike at Walmart if you received it as a gift?

It is always recommended to keep your receipts for your purchases, especially expensive items like bikes. However, returning a bike at Walmart without a receipt is possible.

The first thing you have to do is contact the store manager before heading over to your local Walmart store. So that they are aware of what is happening, and there are no further issues when trying to return or exchange any items. You can also choose to call the toll-free number on the back of your Walmart receipt.

Once you have taken these steps and contacted the store manager for further instructions, they will most likely tell you to bring in the bike and all of its accessories with you. This includes:

  • Bike Helmet (if there is one included)
  • Water bottle holder (if there is one included)
  • Weather guard (if there is one included)
  • Lock and key (if there is one included)

If all of the accessories are not present, then they will most likely not be able to make an exchange or return for you. You may also want to call the company that made your bike just in case they have a policy about returning gifts.


For how many days after the purchase date will Walmart allows bike returns?

Walmart bike return policy does not charge any fees for some bikes, including:

  • Bicycles purchased from a physical Walmart store, purchased from a Walmart store online, a bike shipped to your house that is within the delivery time period.
  • If you have a bike from either in-store or delivered to your home, then you have 90 days for returning it with no charges at all.

Yes, you will get full refunds for a returned bicycle at Walmart as long as your bike is in good condition. So, don’t hesitate to return it to Walmart if you are not satisfied with your bike or simply change your mind.

You can get a full refund for a returned bike within 90 days of the purchase date at without any charges ($10), but if it’s over 90 days, then $20 will be deducted from the bike refund. Please be informed that you can return the bike at Walmart for up to 90 days for a full refund, but after 90 days, the bike will not be accepted for returns or refunds. However, if your bike is in good condition, then you’ll still get a 100% refund minus a $10 restocking fee.


How Does Walmart Processes Refunds Upon Returning the Bikes? 

There are a few refund options available at Walmart. There are different refund rules for in-store returns and online returns. When you make a return in-store, the first option is available to receive your money back as cash. This can be done with an order placed to provide cash for returns at the customer service counter as long as you have a receipt.

The second refund method is to get a store credit or gift card. For this option, you must have a receipt, and the item should not be opened. After going through a security check, customers’ refunds are processed by giving them their receipts and having them sign for them. Then Walmart gives them an electronic gift card which will be sent via email or text depending on what they choose during the checkout process when ordering online goods from Walmart’s website.

A third option would be getting an eGift card by email. This option would also require the customer to have a receipt where they can go through the check out on Walmart’s website and print their eGift card at home or the nearest printer available.

The fourth refund method is using an electronic Walmart Money Card, where cash refunds are transferred onto this prepaid card by scanning it during the return process.

If not satisfied with any of these four options, customers can choose to receive their money back as an in-store credit which is done by entering promo codes or uploading barcodes of physical products into their accounts.
As you can see, there are several methods that Walmart uses to repay customers for returning the bicycles. This is just one store, but most stores have different ways of processing returns, so probably some other stores.


Final Words

Walmart offers the best return policy, and that’s why the customers are happy. With the Walmart Bike Return Policy, the customers can return the product or get a replacement within 90 days. After that, Walmart will not accept any returns. However, it is important to remember that Walmart does not allow refunds for electrical items like battery-operated scooters and bicycles. This information was given by Walmart through their official website on the 12th of February 2015.

So if a person buys a Walmart branded bicycle from Walmart and if it doesn’t work properly like the chain is loose, gears are not working, or brakes are not proper, he/she can return the product within 90 days with the original receipt. That’s all we have about Walmart Bike Return Policy 2022. All You have to do is to go through everything. Feel free to ask for doubts in the comment section below.