Does Target Sell Car Batteries in Their Stores?

Target is one of the biggest retail stores chains in the United States of America. With more than a few thousand active stores, they are leading the charts. From a needle to the airplane wings, you will find everything at Target at hugely discounted prices. You will find all of the Electronics, Automobile, Fashion, and other variety of products at Target stores.

It’s quite annoying when your car battery dies, and you have to make a trip to the mechanic. You can change your car’s batteries without any issues, and you should get one from the nearest supermarket. If you are not sure if Target sells Car batteries or not, then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to share detailed information on the Car batteries at Target stores.

does target sell car batteries

Does Target Sell Car Batteries?

Target Does not Sell Car Batteries at any of their stores. Due to the issues with the suppliers and the pricing of the batteries, they are not available at any of the Target stores in the United States of America. According to the sources, Target could not get the batteries are affordable pricing and provide discounts at the same time. So, they are not selling it in their showroom. Although, Target does sell regular-size batteries at their stores.


Why Target Doesn’t Sell Car Batteries?

Car batteries are bigger and have high capacity. They are pretty expensive considering the transport and commission Target has to pay to the suppliers. It’s not much affordable to sell Car batteries. Also, the high-performance batteries are in demand, and Target cannot procure them, which is one of the biggest reasons Target Doesn’t sell Car batteries in their stores. Another interesting thing is that Target is not involved in personalized car service, like the oil change or the maintenance. So, they might have thought selling Car batteries is quite useless for their customers base.

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What Alternative are Automobile Products Sold at Target?

Target does not sell Car batteries. But it doesn’t mean that they are not selling alternative automobile products. You can find many automobile products, accessories, and maintenance products, which are essential for car repair technicians and enthusiasts. Target does not fall behind its competitors and has more than 2,000 unique online products available for the customers when it comes to internal and external car accessories.

If you roam in the automobile section of Target, you can find a ton of car accessories. GPS devices, holders, Lights, speakers, Car navigation, AC units, floor mats, and whatnot are available at Target stores, and you can find everything with ease. If you are a person who loves maintaining a garage, then you can find great tire inflators, car refrigerants, car oils, toolkits, and many other things that suit perfectly for car and garage maintenance.

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What kind of Batteries are Available at Target Stores?

You might be disappointed after learning that Target Doesn’t sell Car batteries. But they offer a lot of variety in the regular batteries. You might not find car batteries, but you can easily find other types of batteries for various products. 

You can find the regular AA and AAA batteries, C, D, and even the rechargeable batteries. If you prefer the 12V batteries for the bikes, you might find them easily in the store. Prefer brands, then you have access to all of them in the Target stores. 

Does Target Sell Car Oil?  

If you are looking for Car Engine oil, then You can find Car Engine oil at Target. Target does sell car oil and it’s easy to get a can of the same. With the 5W20 grade and higher oils, you can find one for changing the oil yourself. Almost all of the major brands are available at Target to choose from. It’s better to get a high quality Car oil at Target for better performance of the car. Make sure to get the proper car accessories to access the Engine and then Remove old oil and refill the new oil with ease. Not just the car oils, but target sell car lubrication oils and sprays at their stores and online marketplace.


Does Target Sell Car Jacks? 

Yes. Target Do sell Car jacks to make maintenance process easier. When you have to access the engine oil drain point or replace the punctured tires, The Floor Jacks are highly essential. Target does sell Car Jacks and you can find it online and in the Maintenance isle of the stores. The Car jacks are available for the newbie mechanics and also for the professional mechanics.


Final Words 

Well, if you are willing to buy the car batteries at Target, you might be disappointed as Target does not sell Car batteries. But, you can find a lot of great car accessories in Target that work perfectly fine and can help you start the car. Choose from a wide variety of car accessories like Car refrigerants, tire inflators, jump starters, small batteries, GPS devices, and many other things. 

For getting the car batteries at the best price, you should head over to the other supermarket stores like Walmart, Costco, or even shop on Amazon for door-step delivery of the heavy car battery.