Target Baby Registry in 2022 [Ultimate Guide + Welcome Kit]

Diapers, food, and clothing are all top items on the Baby Must-Haves list. Many of these products are bought through the subscription service, which we’ll get to later. It’s pretty hard for the new parents to have the perfect preparation for the baby. So, big companies like Target have already prepared the Baby Registry programs, which allows the new parents to get all the necessary items for the baby with the subscription plan. Target’s Baby Registry program is one of the most popular programs amongst new parents.

If you’re going to have a kid and want to be sure you’re fully prepared for it, you might be asking how a Target baby registry works. Here’s everything I’ve discovered about this!


How Does a Target Baby Registry Work In 2021?

In 2021, Target will release its new baby registrar. In 2021, the Target baby registry may be created in-store, online, or with the Target Registry App. A free Welcome Kit (worth over $150) is included with the Target baby registrar. Items can only be returned or exchanged.

If you’d like to know more about how to set up a Target baby registry, what items are included in the free Welcome Kit, is it included in the EBT benefits, is apple pay accepted and what advantages and extras you get as part of your baby registries, keep reading!

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How Do I Create A Target Baby Registry?

A Target registry can be made on the app, on the website, or in-store.

To set up your baby’s registry on the Target Registry App (unsurprisingly, not part of the Target app), follow the instructions to make a registry for your kid.

As far as creating a baby registry on is concerned, all you have to do is visit your account and access the registry page.

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Once done, go to the ‘baby registry’ section and select the ‘create’ button. Now you can choose and add items to your list, which will be submitted to Target when you finish.

If you’re visiting Guest Services at a Target store to register your baby registry, an employee will assist you throughout the process.

What Is A Target Baby Registry Welcome Kit?

You will receive a $150+ welcome box from Target if you create a baby registry there. It will include goods to help you decide which baby products you enjoy the most and want for your kid, as well as other useful items.

The welcome kit is rumored to include coupons and samples from Target’s most popular brands, as well as reusable bags, for both parents and infants.

What Is In The Target Baby Registry Welcome Kit?

The Target baby registry kit varies, but it generally includes a selection of coupons and samples from Target’s top and most popular brands. Diapers, burp cloths, nursery decorations, and pregnancy clothes are just a few examples of the items available.

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How Do I Get My Target Baby Registry Welcome Kit?

By presenting your baby registry barcode to the Guest Services desk at Target, you may pick up your welcome kit in-store. This barcode may be read from a printout or a smartphone with or without a popsocket. Unfortunately, the registration app for Target does not yet include a barcode for your welcome package.

It’s worth checking in advance to see whether they have one of the Target free baby Registry Welcome Kits on hand. It’s also feasible to receive your baby registry welcome pack as part of your regular Target purchase. Simply log in to your account and look for your baby registry there.

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On the services page, you may choose to have your welcome package shipped and complete your purchase as usual. You will receive free delivery if you spend more than $35.

What Are The Benefits Of Target Baby Registry?

Target also provides additional incentives and perks to assist you in finishing your baby registry on time. If your child’s birth is less than eight weeks away, for example, Target will offer a fixed 15% discount on any remaining items on your list.

Not only will you get great prices on Clorox products, but you’ll also receive seasonal discounts on Huggies, Pampers, Johnson’s, Graco, Fisher-Price, Up & Up Cloud Island Dreft, and many more brands. For all of your baby registry items, Target provides returns and exchanges for a whole year after the event date.

Can I See Who Bought From My Target Baby Registry?

To keep track of your gratitude cards, has a registry gift tracker that you may use to see who has given gifts from your list. After logging in, go to the registry page and utilize this handy gift tracker tool accessible on

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After you’ve picked your baby registry, click the gift tracker button to display a list of gifts ordered as well as their quantity, buyer name, and purchase date.

Furthermore, Target provides a very useful function of marking ‘Thank You Sent’ next to each item with a checkbox so you can keep track of who you’ve already thanked.

Once an item has been delivered, it will be shown in the gift tracker. Unfortunately, group gifts are not yet available in the gift tracker.

How Long Does a Target Baby Registry Last?

For a baby registry, you have the option to review and manage it for 548 days (18 months) after the event date. Gift givers may also search for your baby registry list up to a year after the event date.

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How Long Do I Have to Return Items From Target Baby Registry?

You have up to a year from the event date to return new and unused items from your baby registry to Target using the return barcode on your registry homepage or in the Registry App.

How Do I Return Items From My Target Baby Registry?

To return items from your Target Baby Registry on, log in to your account and go to your baby registry page. Begin a return by selecting the beginning a refund option on the left-hand side of the registry site. Select the item you wish to exchange, create a return barcode, and select your desired store to ship it back.

When returning items from your baby registry using the Target Registry App, you’ll need to choose “Make a return” in the app’s options to receive your return barcode. Bring a valid government-issued photo ID with you when visiting the store to complete your transaction because this will be used for identification.

What Do I Put On My Target Baby Registry?

If you’re stuck, Target has a number of checklists to help unsure parents figure out what should go on their baby registry. nThe free welcome kit offered by Target is supposed to help parents determine which brands and products they should use for their babies.


The newest generation of baby registries is the temporary one. It allows new parents to create a wish list of required items for their newborn that may be picked up by friends and family. It also gives a free welcome pack with samples, coupons, and other useful stuff to assist new moms in getting started with their registry and gaining a better sense of what you might need and what not. In this post, we tried our best to share all the detailed information about the Target Baby Registry in 2022, with this information, you can easily determine if you want the subscription or not.