Everything You Need to Know About Postage/Mail to Canada

Postage to Canada seems like a cakewalk, but many people don’t know about the Canadian Postage system. It’s altogether a different country for the people living in the United States of America. The Shipments to Canada are considered as the International Postage and treated accordingly. Postage to Canada is easy, but the rules are different than the Postage within the United States of America.

Millions of people fail to send mail to Canada due to a lack of knowledge about the International Postage regulations. If you are one of them, then you should know more about the Shipping requirements to Canada. In this post, we are going to educate you about the Postage/Mail to Canada. From the smallest point to the major points, you’ll get knowledge about everything in this article. Get ready to send your first-class postage to Canada after learning from this article.

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Postcard Postage to Canada

Many people prefer sending the class postcards with greeting messages written on them. According to almost all of the shipping companies, the standard size of the postcard is between 3.5×5.0×0.007 inches and 4.25×6.0×0.016 inches. For the Postcard postage to Canada, you have to pay $1.20 as the fees to the service provider. To send the postage to Canada, you need to apply the Global Forever Stamp, which costs $1.20, or apply three of the First Class Forever Stamps to cover the shipping fees.

The postcards are not priced according to the weight but have standard flat shipping rates. If you have a postcard that is big and has dimensions outside of the standard size, then you have to pay additional postage fees, which will be communicated to you by the shipping company.

Standard Envelopes Postage to Canada

Standard Envelopes are the best to fold the documents and send them in the shipping. If you are willing to mail envelopes to Canada, then you have to pay the postage fees of $1.20 for the first three ounces. A Single Global Forever Stamp will be sufficient for the Standard Envelopes. Also, three Forever Standard Stamps would work if the envelope is below three ounces. For each additional ounce, you have to apply the stamps worth $0.49/-.

According to the US mail or USPS, the standard envelopes have the size varying between 3.5×5.0×0.25 inches and 6.125×11.5×0.25 inches. These sizes are machinable, making them easier to sort. If the envelope is bigger than the aforementioned sizes, then it needs to be hand-sorted, which will cost $0.21 per envelope. So, make sure to apply appropriate stamps before shipping envelopes to Canada.

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First Class Postage to Canada

The First Class postage from the US to Canada is a priority postage. It requires the proper attestation of the postage stamps. Otherwise, it won’t be shipped. Except for the Postcards, everything can be sent within the first-class mail. The First class is a priority mail service, which is quite expensive compared to the standard mail. All of the parcels with Global Forever Stamps or other First Class stamps are considered a priority.

Also, you can book the First class mail to Canada from the US Mail Post office itself. In this case, you don’t have to stick the Stamp, but the employees will apply them properly printed bill, which acts as the postage stamps. Make sure to check for the First class Shipping to Canada charges with your Shipping service provider. US Mail is considered the most affordable in the pricing of First class mail to Canada.

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Send Packages through Post to Canada

The packages are nothing but the boxes that contain certain products. The nature of the packages varies as they have different products and different sizes. So, it’s not possible to share the postage fees for the same. Fortunately, you can check the postage to send packages to Canada online. Here are the exact steps to do the same within a few minutes and book your Package to Canada.

  1. First of all, visit the shipping service provider price calculator site. In this case, we are visiting the USPS Postage Calculator.
  2. On the site, enter all the details about your package size and dimensions.
  3. After that, select the type of product that is inside the packages. This step is essential as USPS has special rates for different products.
  4. Once done, select the country as “Canada” and proceed further to check the average shipping rates. The shipping rates will be finalized according to the exact weight of the package.
  5. You will have to book Package online, or you can visit the USPS post office to get the parcel books to send to Canada.


Mail Delivery Time to Canada from the US

Usually, the USPS Mail Delivery Time to Canada for standard international shipping is 7-21 Days. This applies to all of the mails, including the Postcards, envelopes, and packages. For the High Priority International Mail, which is usually First Class Postage to Canada, it takes nearly 6-7 Days on average. But if you’ve booked the mails under Priority Mail Express package, then it would take only 3-5 to Deliver in Canada.

These are the average times taken by USPS in the United States of America. There are many third-party private shipping services like DHL, BlueDart, FedEx, and others, that have different delivery times to Canada. Some even deliver posts on the highest priority within three days.


Customs Forms for Mail to Canada

Every package that is being shipped to Canada is liable for Customs form. The Canadian Border Security Agency will check every parcel, envelope and postcard before it passes through the border. The Border Security and Customs will check the products above $20 value for the contents and approve or disapprove them from entering the country. Also, every envelope and the package need to have them properly filled customs form to make it easier to send it to Canada. 

All of the international shipping services in the United States of America support the Customs form. You can submit the customs form in advance or get it filled later. Most of the shipping services will tell you about the form, and you can fill it online with convenience. If you are not sure how to fill up the customs form, then you should immediately ask for help from the shipping service provider. They will help you to fill customs form for mail to Canada.

Prohibited Items in Mail / Shipment

Here, you’ll get all the information about the Prohibited Items in the Mail and Shipments. You should avoid sending these items through Customs if you don’t have proper permissions. Although each country has its own rules regarding the prohibited items, Canada has made it clear by sharing them with the people. The items that harm the integrity of the state, anything related to narcotics, banned items like medicines and products, and the products that are determined harmful by the Border Security agents are prohibited items in mail/shipment. 

  • All of the Live Animals, with exceptions, are not allowed in the mails. You should have the proper documentation and permissions to send Live animals to Canada.
  • Any kind of Tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, are not permitted to ship to Canada.
  • Marijuana or any kind of Narcotics, which are not being imported for medical use, are prohibited.
  • The currency of any other country is not permitted to be shipped through the border force. The travellers are allowed to carry only a few native currency notes.
  • All of the items related to Gambling.
  • Explosives and Suspicious items ( exceptions for research purposes with proper permissions ).


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

People always have a curious mind and will have a few questions in their mind. Here are a few common questions about Postage and shipping to Canada. 

#1 – Can I Mail a Letter to Canada with Forever Stamps?

Yes. You can use the Forever Stamps to send a letter to Canada. You can either use a Global Forever Stamp or Standard Forever stamps according to the Postage fees to mail a letter to Canada.

#2 – How Much Does it Cost to Mail a Letter to Canada?

The Standard Shipping rates for shipping a letter to Canada is $1.20 for the first three ounces. These rates vary from the shipping service providers. 

#3 – How Many Stamps Do I Need for a Letter to Canada?

You have to apply the postage stamps according to the fees. For a standard letter, you have to pay $1.20 worth of stamps for shipping to Canada. You can apply a single Forever Global Stamp or three of the Standard Forever stamps on the letter. 

#4 – Can I Use Three Forever Stamps for International Mail?

Yes. You can use the Three Forever stamps for international mail. For the standard letters, postcards and document envelopes, the three forever stamps are sufficient. Also, you can use one or two Forever Global Stamps for international shipping to Canada from the United States of America. 

#5 – Can I Drop International Letter in Mailbox?

Yes. You can drop an International Letter in Mailbox only if you have applied appropriate stamps. Otherwise, it will be returned to your address. The USPS Blue Mailboxes are suitable for International mails. 

Final Words

Postage to Canada is still a confusing topic for most people. Such people always have the questions like ” how many forever stamps to Canada?” in their minds. Well, we knew all of the questions and lack of information, as we tried to send the mail to Canada in the past. In the process, we learned everything about the Postage to Canada and the exact procedures, restrictions, and charges. In this post, we tried our best to share all the information about How to Mail a Letter to Canada. Now, you’ve been educated enough to assess the postage and send packages to Canada with ease. If you have any issues, doubts, or suggestions, make sure to shoot them to us by using the comment box below.

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