Does Walmart Take Apple Pay? Using Apple Pay at Walmart

The convenience goes at its peak when the stores allow you to pay through the other payment methods, then the Cash. A cashless society is a new trend and everyone is using the convenient ways and not using cash at all. Apple Pay is one such amazing way to send and receive payments to businesses. whether you are at the supermarket or the restaurant, everyone is accepting Apple Pay. But does Walmart Accept Apple Pay at their stores?

It would be pretty inconvenient to go to Walmart without knowing if they take Apple Pay or not. If you are interested in using this amazing payment method at Walmart, you should know first. Fortunately, we have done all the job for you and are sharing the information on whether Walmart accepts Apple Pay or not. All you have to do is to stick with us and you will get the answers to the questions.


Does Walmart Take Apple Pay In 2021??

Walmart is a famous company that has been giving services for more than years. Nowadays, Walmart accepts Apple Pay and it is an amazing step from their side. Yet, not all of the stores accept this payment method. You should know that only some of the stores within the country are accepting this payment method.

It would be difficult to say whether all the stores are accepting Apple Pay or not. You can visit the nearest Walmart store and ask them about Apple Pay. It will be better if you have any other method of paying at your disposal so you don’t have to wait in line behind those who want to pay with cash or cards. You should know that there are many people who may not be familiar with Apple Pay and expect you to pay with cash or card.

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Why Doesn’t Walmart Accept Apple Pay?

Before the company came out with Walmart Pay, they had another reason not to accept Apple Pay. It was because of their alliance with a company called Merchant Customer Exchange or MCX. MCX does not use Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay because they are competitors. MCX only accepts payment solutions that use QR codes called CurrentC.

Furthermore, there are several other concerns that Walmart has with Apple Pay. When a consumer makes a purchase using Apple Pay, no data is recorded because they don’t have any system in place to capture it. This information is incredibly valuable as it allows Walmart to send custom recommendations and notifications to customers who use the Walmart Pay app.

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Will Walmart Ever Get Apple Pay???

Walmart is not thinking to bring Apple Pay to their stores anytime soon. Due to the Walmart App comes with an inbuilt payment processing system, it’s quite unlikely to see if Walmart will allow their competitor. So, Walmart does not accept Apple Pay and might not do the same in near future. But, you can use Apple Pay on their iOS app, which is a convenient option when you are ordering groceries online.

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What Stores Do Accept Apple Pay?

Although you can’t use Apple Pay at Walmart, there are plenty of other businesses where you may pay for purchases using your iPhone. 7-Eleven and CVS now allow Apple Pay payments at checkouts, despite earlier resistance. Here are some more stores that accept Apple Pay:

Why Is Using Apple Pay So Beneficial??

One of the biggest features that Apple Pay brings to the table is security. Every time you pay for items with your iPhone, a unique Device Account Number, and one-time code is generated. This process creates a new transaction number each and every time, so there’s no way for anyone to steal your data or make fraudulent purchases without first knowing your fingerprint.

Apple Pay isn’t just convenient, it’s also secure. It uses Touch ID for verification and employs 3D Secure technology to keep payments safe on the new Apple platforms of iOS11. Using Apple Pay also makes it so you don’t have to carry around your entire wallet or juggle several credit cards in order to complete a purchase.

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Alternative Option to Pay at Walmart

Apple Pay can be used at Walmart. First, you need to download the ibotta app and extension. Then you just have to:

Ibotta is a cashback eCorp that pays out up to 2% in rewards for each purchase. It only applies to certain items and businesses, though. And before you go shopping, you’ll need to find the goods and deals on your phone.

If you do decide to make a purchase with your Apple Pay, you may get cashback right away (via saving 2%) and all you have to do is show the QR code to the salesperson.

Walmart does not accept Apple Pay, but there are other ways to pay at Walmart. You can use the Ibotta app or show a QR code with your purchase on it for cashback (via saving 2%).  If you decide to make a purchase using apple pay and get cashback right away, all you have to do is show the QRcode of your phone’s screen.

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Final Words

Unfortunately, Walmart does not accept Apple Pay at their stores. Although, some store managers might allow you to use Apple Pay, finding them is quite difficult. So, it’s essential to carry other payment options like Credit cards, Cashback Card, WIC Cards, or anything else that is accepted. Also, having alternative options like the iBotta app is convenient as you get cashback at Walmart. If you are having any doubts, make sure to use the comment section below.