Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice in 2022? Dry Ice at Walmart

Dry ice is an excellent tool for maintaining low temperatures. With dry ice, you may do a lot more scientific, industrial, and entertaining things. Ice can be frozen using dry ice, which has several uses outside of refrigeration.

You can, however, find dry ice in many large supermarkets. It’s not always easy to come by in local stores, and it certainly isn’t always at a bargain. As a result, you might be asking if Walmart sells dry ice in 2022? In the United States, Walmart is the country’s largest retail company, with over 1000 stores.


Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice In 2021?

As of 2022, Walmart sells dry ice at several of its locations. Dry ice may be found in Penguin freezers near the cashiers at the front of Walmart stores. The cost of dry ice at Walmart is usually $1.44 per pound. That’s enough money to keep your household cool until you run out of the important stuff. Dry ice is cheap, thanks to Walmart’s low operating costs. The cost of dry ice at other grocery stores is usually much higher than what Walmart customers pay in early 2022.

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How Much Is Dry Ice At Walmart?

The cost of dry ice at Walmart stores is usually $1.44 per pound in southern United States locations. Dry ice is sold by the pound, and you can get more than 20 pounds for $20 or less depending on your location. A typical 5-pound block of dry ice will freeze about 35 gallons of water in a chest freezer. Walmart rolls back the price to $1.00 per pound when their stock of dry ice is running low in 2022.

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What Is Dry Ice?

Dry ice is made by compressing carbon dioxide into a solid form. Carbon dioxide has the molecular formula CO2, which means that every molecule contains one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms. It’s often used to make dry ice pellets or blocks, which are crushed to be sold at stores like Walmart. At standard temperature and pressure conditions, carbon dioxide has several unusual properties related to solids, liquids, and gases.

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The density of dry ice is about 39% higher than that of water at -78 degrees Celsius (-109 degrees Fahrenheit). For comparison, liquid water has a density of about 999 kilograms per cubic meter. The same amount of dry ice has a density of 1287 kilograms per cubic meter, which is around 63% denser than liquid water.

Where To Find Dry Ice In Walmart?

You can find dry ice is Penguin freezer at the front of Walmart stores. Many Walmart Supercenters have a section for frozen foods near the cashiers. Look for chests with solid lids and labels that say “dry ice.” For best results, make sure to ask a store assistant where you can find dry ice before going shopping in 2021 or 2022. That way, you can save time and keep your cool.

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How Long Does Dry Ice Last?

Dry ice will last up to 9 days in a home freezer if it’s not opened too often by mistake. The same block of smaller dry ice pellets will only stay frozen for 1 to 2 days maximum, according to tests conducted by an industry called ASTM International as reported in the journal “Chemical & Engineering News” in early 2022.

How To Store Dry Ice?

You must store dry ice in an airtight container when you buy it at Walmart or elsewhere. An airtight container will stop your food from getting wet, which often leads to freezer burn. Press all of the oxygen out of your reusable containers before closing them tight by using a vacuum sealer tool on heavily wrapped bags full of cut vegetables and meat. This is the only reliable way to prevent moisture absorption without using more dry ice than usual. For best results, keep your dry ice supply frozen until ready for use, but don’t leave it in the freezer longer than 9 days so that’s enough time it to give its chilling power.

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Why Do Some Walmarts Not Sell Dry Ice?

Because dry ice is more difficult to store than regular ice, some Walmart stores do not offer it. Dry ice, which is simply frozen carbon dioxide, freezes at -109.3°F (-78.5°C). As a result, it cannot be kept with the other frozen products in Walmart’s freezers. They will be kept at a temperature of around or below 0 degrees Fahrenheit like commercial fridges.

Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice Online?

It is not possible to purchase dry ice from Walmart and have it delivered to your home, according on the Walmart website.

When dry ice is not properly stored, it only lasts a short period of time. Even in a refrigerator, the salt should have evaporated after between 18 and 24 hours. As a result, it would not last long enough to travel via normal Walmart delivery truck.

What Other Ice Products Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart sells a variety of ice products besides dry ice. In early 2022, Walmart sells these kinds of ice:

  • Cube Ice: These small squares can be used for beverages or freezer storage. This package contains 28 pounds worth of cubes.
  • Nugget Ice: Nuggets are larger than cubes and designed more to cool drinks than store items in freezers. This bag has a total weight of 25 pounds and is made by the ICEE company.
  • Sheet Ice: Instead of being broken into cubes or nuggets, sheet ice is formed into flat slabs that have been insulated against the cold on all sides except for one where they’re able to lie on a large metal platform as they quickly melt away. Unlike the other two types of ice, sheet ice is only 10 pounds.
  • Half Ice: This convenient package contains a combination of 50% nugget and 50% cube ice. It’s a good choice for customers who want a variety of different sized cubes to use quickly in their freezers or as drink coolers.
  • Minisicle: Minisicles are smaller than traditional popsicles because they’re not only designed to be eaten on the go but also stored inside small spaces like lockers, fridges and cupboards. This box contains 12 heat sealed packets that contain 4 total pops each. The flavors included are Grape, Orange Creamsicle, Strawberry Banana Swirl and Blue Raspberry Freeze Pop.

Final Words | Does Walmart Sell Dry Ice?

Dry ice is available in many Walmart shops throughout the country, but it isn’t accessible in all regions or on the Walmart website. You may get dry ice in pounds at Walmart stores that have it available. Use the online Store Locator tool to locate your local Walmart store and call up. The phone representative should be able to tell you whether or not dry ice is sold there.

If you can’t locate dry ice at a Walmart in your region, there are numerous alternative locations to look, including Safeway, Kroger, Costco, and even your local ice cream parlor.