Does Walmart Accept Klarna? – Find out if Walmart accepts Klarna today

Klarna is a Swedish payment service provider that allows shoppers to pay online for goods at stores like Walmart.

It’s a good move for both sides since the big-box retailer gets to sell online, and shoppers get the convenience of a cardless purchase. But does Walmart accept Klarna as a payment option? Continue reading to know more.

Does Walmart Accept Klarna?

Does Walmart Take Klarna Card

You can use klarna at Walmart by downloading the klarna app. Open the Klarna app after downloading it and look for the Walmart store. You can either add items to your cart and pay with Klarna or specify the entire amount you want to pay at Walmart in person.

How to Use Klarna at Walmart?

  • Download the Klarna app and search for Walmart.
  • Now you are good to go, add your shopping stuffs to your cart.
  • Once you’ve added everything to your cart, go to the checkout page and hit the “Pay with K.” icon at the bottom of the app screen.
  • To recover control of your finances, pay in four instalments. You can divide the cost of your purchase into four smaller, interest-free payments due every two weeks with Klarna.

What is Klarna?

WHat is Klarna

Klarna is a Swedish ‘buy now, pay later (or point-of-sale finance) service created in 2005. It is available in roughly 20 countries and is utilized by over 90 million people. Through the Klarna mobile app, you may secure modest loans at checkout for online and in-store purchases. I

t partners with well-known stores like Apple, Macy’s, Etsy, Foot Locker, and Sephora to make large-ticket purchases more affordable.

How Does Klarna Work?

Two interest-free payment plans are among Klarna’s most popular offerings:

Pay in Four: With this plan, you can divide your purchase into four equal installments. The first payment is due when your order ships, followed by three further payments due every two weeks for a total of six weeks.

Pay in Thirty: With this option, you can order something without having to pay anything in advance. Klarna will send you an invoice due 30 days after the item is shipped.

Klarna offers paid financing alternatives, the majority of which are structured as lines of credit, for purchases that are too large to pay off in 30 days or even six weeks. 

Monthly payment plans vary depending on your details and the retailer selling the device, and they can span anywhere from six to 36 months. Merchants may also run special deals on specific purchases, such as interest reduction or deferral.

Does Klarna Charge Interest?

Klarna does not impose interest on its Pay in 4 and Pay in 30 plans, even if you pay late.

Finance plans, on the other hand, are a different issue. Even if your credit score is good, you’ll likely pay a 19.99 percent APR if you’re approved. However, a Klarna spokeswoman informed The Balance by email that the company may work with specific merchants to offer incentives such as cheaper interest rates or deferred financing on particular products, with interest rates ranging from 0% to 24.99 percent. Instead of making the minimum payment each month, you might save money by paying off your loan early.

According to information collected by The Balance, Klarna’s financing interest rate of 19.99 percent is similar to the existing average credit card interest rate of 20.28 percent. It was, nevertheless, more than double the average 24-month personal loan interest rate of 9.46 percent in February 2021.

Klarna’s Business Model

How does Klarna make money if it doesn’t charge interest or fees for its normal payment options? It levies a transaction fee to retailers. Klarna charges a $0.30 fee for all payment choices, plus variable costs of up to 3.29 percent or 5.99 percent.

Retailers, according to Klarna, are happy to pay these fees because their services help them grow sales. It is estimated that allowing customers to pay over time increases the average order value by 45 percent.

The Disadvantages of Paying Later

Klarna targets Millennial and Generation Z shoppers, claiming that they expect a seamless shopping experience, and surveys show that they are increasingly inclined to shop on credit. According to Klarna’s data, when customers are given the option to pay in installments or with financing, they prefer to spend more, raising questions about whether the business allows young people to take on more debt than they can handle.

Klarna told The Guardian that it used financial controls to limit overspending in response to these concerns. Customers couldn’t make as many purchases as they wanted. Customers had to pay for previous purchases before making new ones; thus, there were thresholds.

How to Use Klarna in Stores?

If you’d rather shop in person, Klarna offers a digital card that you can load into your Google Pay or Apple Pay wallet. Apply for this card through the Klarna app, and if approved, use your smartphone to pay for in-store transactions.

When Using Klarna, How Do Returns Work?

You can return things to the shop as usual if unhappy with your purchase. Then, using the Klarna app or website, you may report the return to the support team (considering they are open) and have your payments paused while the return is processed.

It depends upon the amount of your return and the payment plan; you may be eligible for getting a refund.

The whole amount of your purchase will be reimbursed to your original payment method if you choose a total refund. Here is a partial refund for accounts that have been funded: Your minimum payments will remain unchanged, and you will pay off the debt sooner than expected.

Pay in four accounts: a partial refund: Klarna will apply the refund to your outstanding balance. If the return exceeds your remaining balance, you’ll be refunded the difference via your original payment method. If the return is less than your remaining balance, it will be split evenly amongst your remaining payments, making each one smaller.

If I don’t pay Klarna, what happens?

If you’re having trouble coming up with the funds to repay your Pay in 30 plan, Klarna offers a fee-based payment delay option.

Late or missed payments will result in fines if they are not made on time. You’ll be charged a $7 late fee if you’re on a Pay in 4 plan. You’ll be charged a $35 late fee for financing accounts, though Klarna won’t charge you more than your minimum payment due.

Other risks of not paying include getting turned down for future loans and having your credit score damaged if Klarna sends your past-due account to collectors.

Is Klarna a secure platform?

Klarna, like other lenders, provides the same industry-standard protections. However, there are a few hazards associated with using BNPL services.

Today’s purchasing is more inexpensive, thanks to BNPL lenders. That’s acceptable if you genuinely need something before you can pay cash for it, and spending money on something that makes you happy can feel good—within limits.

However, the risk with any BNPL service is that it may urge you to spend more than you can afford. Even though you are “saving money” by not paying interest, you can easily go over budget and jeopardize your progress toward your financial objectives.

Is Klarna subject to a credit limit?

Yes, you will be given a Klarna-specific credit limit when you open an account. This credit limit is determined by Klarna based on your credit score, the length of time you’ve used Klarna, and how well you’ve paid back past Klarna loans.

Klarna will send you an email with your credit limit once you sign up for a Financing account. This number can also be seen on your Klarna app’s home screen and your monthly bill. The Klarna browser plugin may also show you how much money you’re allowed to spend at a specific retailer’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s)

Is it possible to split payments at Walmart?  

Your payment can be divided on your connected card using Walmart Pay. With cash, EBT/SNAP/WIC benefits, or Walmart Gift Card balances, you can do this.

Is my Klarna payment information secure?

Klarna securely processes payment information. EGO does not receive or store any credit card information. All transactions are conducted via secure connections using the most up-to-date industry security procedures.

What is Klarna Pay After Delivery, and how does it work?

After EGO has shipped your order, you will receive an email with payment instructions, including a deadline (usually 14 or 30 days).

When I return the goods, what happens to my Klarna invoice?

An updated statement will be closed after the retailer has received the refund (partial or full) and you have received confirmation from them.

Is it possible to request delivery to a location other than my billing address?

Certainly, you can choose to have the items delivered to an address other than your billing address when using Klarna as a payment method. You will be given the option to specify a different delivery address during the checkout process.

What are my options for increasing my credit limit?

Klarna does not accept requests to increase your credit limit. By utilizing Klarna for purchases and making sure you don’t miss any payments, you can work toward increasing your Klarna credit limit. After you’ve been using Klarna responsibly for a while, you can try making a purchase that exceeds your credit limit to see if it’s accepted.

Does Klarna run a credit check?

Klarna runs a credit check every time you use the service to make a purchase, although the type of credit check varies depending on the payment method you use. It performs a mild credit check for the interest-free Pay in 4 and Pays in 30 plans, which does not influence your credit. Klarna performs a strict credit check for some borrowing options. This form of credit inquiry will appear on your credit report and may cause a slight decline in your credit score, though the effect normally only lasts a year or so.

Is Klarna obliged to report your activity to credit bureaus?

Klarna will not send your payment details to the credit bureaus even if you pay late. That implies that late payments will not affect your credit score but that using Klarna will not help you develop credit. Klarna will turn your account over to a collection agency if you don’t pay after a few months. Collection companies can submit outstanding payments to credit bureaus, negatively impacting your credit score.

To use Klarna, you’ll need a certain credit score.

A spokesperson for Klarna declined to specify whether the company requires a minimum credit score to be approved. When considering whether to approve you for payment plans or financing, the company considers your credit history, credit age, and other variables.


You can use Klarna at Walmart by downloading the Klarna app. In this article, we have also discussed various aspects and factors concerned with the Klarna financing app. Klarna’s successful “buy now, pay later” model is causing a stir across Europe and the United States. Customers appreciate the ability to pay in various ways and the opportunity to sample before they buy.