Does target take Afterpay? [Proven Payment Methods & Methods]

You’ve certainly noticed on your favorite retailer’s website the option to pay for your order in two installments every two weeks. If you’ve ever tried to buy something that you cannot afford at that moment, ‘buy now, pay later is a credit card alternative.

There are a variety of BNPL providers, but Afterpay, Klarna, and Affirm are among the most well-known. In this piece, we’ll look into does Target take Afterpay.

Afterpay, a “Buy Now, Pay Later” payment service, is accessible to select app consumers at some of the country’s most well-known retailers, including Amazon, CVS, Kroger, Walgreens, and Target. 

Does target take Afterpay?

So the answer is an astounding, Yes. Target accepts Afterpay. Eligible customers can use the Afterpay app to select any businesses in the Afterpay Shop Directory and pay using Afterpay. All of the benefits of Afterpay apply to these customers, including the ability to pay over time without incurring interest or finance costs.

Which Payment Methods do and the Target app accept?

  • Target RedCardTM (Target Debit Card, Target Credit Card, TargetTM Mastercard®) (Target Debit Card, Target Credit Card, TargetTM Mastercard®)
  • Credit cards issued by third parties, such as Discover®/Novus®, Mastercard®, Visa®, American Express®, Target PCard (corporate purchasing card), and foreign bank credit cards
  • Target GiftCards, Target eGiftCards, and mobile Target GiftCards are third-party debit cards that must be linked to Visa or Mastercard and processed as a credit cards.
  • American Express, Discover, Visa, and Mastercard gift cards from third parties.
  • Afterpay, Klarna, and Zip are examples of third-party installment programs.
  • Pay in 4 using Affirm, Sezzle, and PayPal®.
  • and the Target app accept PayPal®.

What payment options does Target store accept?

  • Cash: Target does not take foreign currency or coins as payment. However, depending on the location of the Target shop, Canadian dollars or Mexican pesos may be accepted. Weekly exchange rates are updated at Target shops.
  • Target RedCardTM (Target Debit Card, Target Credit Card, Target MastercardTM) (Target Debit Card, Target Credit Card, Target MastercardTM) (Target Debit Card, Target Credit Card, Target
  • Target App (Target Debit Card, Target Credit Card, Target MastercardTM) on Mobile Devices
  • Look for Temporary Slips (Target Debit Card, Target Credit Card)
  • Credit cards issued by third parties: Visa®, Mastercard®, Discover®/Novus®, American Express®, credit cards issued by foreign banks (JCB Japanese Credit Bureau), Diner’s Club International, and FSA/HSA cards are all redeemable for FSA/HSA qualified purchases.
  • Debit/ATM and EBT Cards: Debit/ATM cards issued in the United States. Canadian debit/ATM cards with an NYCE® or Interac® logo combined with a Visa® mark will be accepted in stores. Some shops are equipped to handle SNAP transactions.
  • Use the Target Mastercard® or any other authorized third-party credit card intended for contactless payments to make contactless payments.
  • Gift Cards with a Visa®, Mastercard®, Discover®, or American Express® logo: Target GiftCards, Merchandise Return Cards, and Prepaid Gift Cards with a Visa®, Mastercard®, Discover®, or American Express® logo. Starbucks gift cards can be used at Starbucks cash registers in-store. Target GiftCards cannot be used to pay for RedCards or buy Target GiftCards, specialized gift cards, American Express, Visa, Mastercard gift cards, iTunes gift cards, or services at Target Minute Clinics.
  • WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) Program (approved in authorized stores only)
  • Gift Certificates: A Target Corporation gift certificate is only valid in the nation where it was issued.
  • Merchandise Voucher: Merchandise vouchers from Target do not expire.
  • A variety of payment options Sales: Store employees can accept credit and debit cards, as well as EBT cards, for each sale. Our cash registers can process numerous credit cards in a single transaction.
  • Checks for personal use
  • Rebate Checks: These checks usually only cover a portion of the cost of an item. Any Target GiftCard, specialty gift card, or third-party gift card from American Express, Discover, Visa, or Mastercard cannot be purchased with rebate checks. FSA/HSA checks can be cashed at pharmacies and optical shops.
  • Contactless digital wallets such as Apple Pay®, Google PayTM, Samsung Pay, or other mobile payment systems.
  • Alipay is only accepted in authorized stores.
  • Campus Cash can only be used in authorized stores.

Payment methods that are not accepted by the target

  • Transnational Checks and Currencies: Target does not take foreign currency or coins. However, depending on the location of the Target shop, Canadian dollars or Mexican pesos may be accepted. Weekly exchange rates are updated at Target shops.
  • Mall Certificates and Chamber Dollars: Some stores take mall certificates or chamber bucks as payment. Check with your local retailer to see whether they take them.
  • Money orders are only accepted as payment for accounts with a credit limit.
  • Afterpay, do not take business checks.
  • Except for Starbucks gift cards, merchant gift cards (e.g., Disney) (which can be used at the in-store Starbucks registers)

How Do afterpay works?

How Do afterpay works

Afterpay can be used by customers through the app, the website, or directly with the merchant. The Afterpay app can be downloaded from both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Both online and in-store, Afterpay is a payment option. You can use Afterpay with any store if you’re purchasing online, irrespective of whether it’s a payment option accessible at the time of purchase. If the virtual Afterpay card isn’t available on the retailer’s website, you can acquire a card number to use at checkout using the Afterpay app.

If you’re buying in-store, you may also download the app, which will generate a virtual Afterpay card that you can use.

Afterpay only has one product: a six-week financing option with bi-weekly installments once you make a down payment (usually). Afterpay’s average order value is only $155, which is understandable because it’s a short-term financing solution.

Another of the biggest benefits of using Afterpay is that there is no interest to pay. If you are late with your payments, you may be charged a late fee.

Customers can reschedule one payment per order to avoid late fees. If customers can’t make their second or third installments on time, they can reschedule them for a few days later, but they must do it within 24 hours before the due date.

How to Make an Application for a Loan?

Afterpay does not conduct a credit check when approving customers. Instead, it uses a proprietary risk algorithm to evaluate clients, taking into account the order value (a lower order value may be more likely to be approved), the amount of cash on your debit or credit card, and the length of time you’ve been using Afterpay.

You must enter your email address, phone number, address, date of birth, and a debit or credit card when requesting clearance for an order.

Methods of Payment

Does target take Afterpay

Afterpay allows customers to pay for their purchases with a debit or credit card. According to an Afterpay spokeswoman, over 90% of Afterpay clients fund their transactions with a debit card.

Afterpay offers an autopay option, which means the provider will deduct funds from your card on the installment due date, eliminating the worry of missing a payment and incurring a late fee. If you pay using a debit card, make sure you have enough balance in your checking account because if you miss one of your installment payments, you’ll be charged late fees from Afterpay as well as bank overdraft costs, which can cost up to $35.

Amount of the loan

Your payment history determines the maximum amount you can borrow with Afterpay with the supplier as well as the merchant’s constraints. The more frequently you pay on time with Afterpay, the more money you can spend with the service.

When calculating how much money consumers can spend, Afterpay evaluates several variables, including whether scheduled payments were denied, the frequency of late payments, and how late payment was made.

The effect on credit scores

Your credit score is unaffected by Afterpay. The BNPL provider does not submit any information to credit bureaus or conduct credit checks.


You must contact the merchant if you wish to return an item purchased through Afterpay. You’ll have to keep paying for your products until the retailer processes your return. Customers can, however, contact Afterpay to defer payments.

If you bought a damaged item or had a problem with the item’s quality and were unable to settle the problem with the seller, you’ll need to contact your credit or debit card provider for a refund.

Because Afterpay only accepts credit or debit cards (rather than linking directly to a bank account), customers have the same protections as if they paid with their credit or debit cards at the store.