Does Target Drug Test? | Target’s Drug Policy in 2021 Explained

Drugs are not good for humans, and almost every corporate knows the same. With the anti-drugs policy adopted by a majority of the corporate, the enforcement is pretty strong. Target is one of the major grocery stores in the United States of America, which employs more than 10,000 people in their stores, and the number is ever increasing. With the simple employment offers, many are concerned and asking if Does Target Drug tests in 2021?

Target needs to know if its employees are drug addicts or not. Also, it’s essential to keep their customers safe from people exposed to addictive drugs. As the majority of the broke people often find the starter jobs in Target stores, it’s quite obvious to ask if Target does Drug tests or not. If you are interested in knowing if Target does Employee Drug screening in 2021, then you are at the right place. In this post, we’ll discuss the Target’s Drug Policy, and you’ll get more detail on it.


Does Target Drug Test in 2021?

There is a common saying which says that “Prevention is better than cure.” The same applies to drug users or addicts, which is why we see almost every corporate implementing anti-drugs policy for their employees. Unfortunately, Target is among those corporations that provide testing workers’ data for their possession and indulgence in illegal drug activities.

There is no official confirmation from Target regarding employee Drug testing. However, we can expect it to happen as soon as possible because they have been working on the same since 1998.

Is It Legal to Take Drugs in Target?

Well, this is a dumb question to ask. Of course, it’s illegal to take drugs in Target. However, the only thing that prevents them from firing their employee for drug use is their respective state laws. If your state doesn’t prescribe any law regarding anti-drug policies or conducting tests on employees, then you can keep working in the store without any trouble. But if your state has an applicable law/policy, you are bound to get caught and fired accordingly.

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Why Do Target Drug Test Employees?

Even though most Americans believe that doing drugs isn’t good enough for their health, they never seem to care much about the people who do indulge in drugs. Well, it’s Target that cares about their employees. They are quite concerned over their drug-addicted employees, who are involved in stealing or damaging goods to get money for buying drugs. This is why they have implemented stringent anti-drug policies at their stores and among their workers.

When Do Target Drug Tests?

  • Pre-Employment Drug Testing at Target – You will face a drug test if you want to apply for a job. It’s part of their hiring process, and the majority of the companies have been following it. If you are interested in knowing when to do target conduct drug tests, then it’s done before your induction in the company or before giving you an offer letter.
  • Insurance Claim Drug Test – If you have applied for a disability claim at Target and if the case is approved, then there’s a chance of getting drug tested. Insurance companies take help from their respective medical teams to determine whether an addict can work or not. This very process includes testing the employees and analyzing the results.
  • Random Drug Testing at Target – It includes unannounced visits by their team members to check whether their employees are under the influence of drugs or not. The majority of corporate take help from this method as it helps them identify those who indulge in such activities during working hours and after closing hours.

What Type Of Drugs Do Target Test For?

Target takes help from its medical team to decide what type of drugs they should test employees for. The majority of the companies follow the universal drug testing procedure. However, Target also has a separate policy as per their convenience and requirements.

Let’s talk about the most common types which are tested at Target Stores. It includes Opioids, Codeine and Morphine, Cocaine, Cocaine, Crack Marijuana, Methamphetamine/Amphetamine, and other synthetic drugs.

The only exception here is Medical Marijuana or recreational marijuana when prescribed according to the state laws.


Do Target Random Drug Test Their Employees?

The majority of the companies don’t perform random Drug testing on their workers. It’s because they consider it to be a violation of rights and the law. However, if you are working in Target and wondering whether they do random drug tests or not, then let me tell you that they can do so (not every time, only when needed).

As we mentioned earlier, Target has no official confirmation regarding their anti-drugs policy, but we think they probably followed government rules while doing so. In the USA alone, almost every state has its own set of laws that any company dealing with drugs needs to be followed. Therefore, being a part of federal government bodies, it shouldn’t be a surprise if they adhere to anti-drug policies to maintain their reputation.

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The Target Drug Testing Process

There is no official statement regarding the Target drug testing process currently. However, we can expect to hear one shortly upon receiving their response. Usually, Target employs the third-party testing companies like Accurate to conduct the drug tests and employee health check. Most companies follow a similar procedure when it comes to their employees falling under suspicion while they are working on a task. It usually includes:

  • They are receiving a tip that an employee might be doing drugs or falling under its influence during work hours.
  • Having a medical team spot-check the employee and then report anything wrong with him/her.
    In case it’s been reported, they test the employees using either urine, saliva, or blood sample tests.
  • They don’t use breath analyzer tests since they aren’t accurate enough to detect traces of past drug use.
  • If nothing comes up, they will start following the said person (during and outside work) to make sure that they are clean. Sometimes random drug tests are performed on them; these tests will help remove any possibility of wrongdoing.
  • In case there’s some kind of confirmation, then they ask you to take a second test (this will include blood testing).

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What Happens If You Fail A Drug Test At Target?

If you fail a drug test at Target, then there’s a possibility that you will lose your job. But as we have mentioned earlier, it all depends on the laws of the particular state/country where the company is situated in. In most cases, they might ask you to take another test to clear up any confusion, or if nothing comes up, then they might ask you to leave the company.

However, it’s tough to believe that they would ask you to take another test after being so certain about your involvement in drugs. But again, there are chances of Target giving you a second chance if you have never fallen under their suspicion before or even if this is your first offense ever since joining them.

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Can You Still Be Hired At Target If You Fail A Drug Test?

Target drug tests are part of their hiring procedure. However, as we mentioned earlier, if you fail it for the first time (during your employment), they might give you a second chance depending on what state/country they are in. But if this is your third offense, then there’s not much hope left for you at Target because this will definitely mean that you are an addict, and such people will require more attention or even treatment (which is impossible to provide at work).


Yes. Target does do drug tests in 2021 to comply with the government guidelines. Consuming the drugs is not good at all, and people might find it difficult to perform daily actions after consuming the drugs as Target’s Drug Policy prohibits any kind of Drugs or addictive materials in the stores or for the employees. So, Target does Drug tests on employees randomly while at work, upon complaints from the customers, or as a pre-employment procedure.