Does CVS Sell Stamps? | Buying Postal Stamps at CVS Pharmacy

It is possible to buy United States Postal Service (USPS) postage stamps at CVS shops. CVS sells stamps, so this is a possibility. There’s no need to go to USPS offices if you have access to CVS locations in your area. Millions of people don’t have a post office nearby but do have convenient stores like CVS.

You might not want to bear the long lines at the post offices. Also, many people have bad experiences with the staff. So, it’s better to look for the other ways to get your postage requirements completed. With the access to nearby CVS store, you can easily get the book of Forever Stamps for sending the mails. As we’ve already told, CVS sells postage stamps. But if you are not sure how to buy postage stamps at CVS, then you need some guidance. In this post, we are going to share the detailed information on the postage stamps at CVS and way to buy them.


History of CVS Stores in the United States of America

CVS is the subsidiary company of the Melville Corporate in the America. The company started operations in 1963. At first, the name of the company was Consumer Value Stores. But later, it was renamed to CVS Corporation in 1996. All of the CVS stores sell the drugs, cosmetics, beauty products and medical accessories. It’s one of the most popular pharmacy stores chain in the United States of America.

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currently, there are more than 7,000 CVS stores all around the world. according to the reports, it’s the top 7th pharmacy retail stores in the country. CVS stores not only sell the drugs and cosmetic, but it sells the postage stamps and greeting cards. So, you will be able to find a lot of great products along with the drugs and cosmetics.

How to Buy Stamps at CVS Stores? Postage Stamps Buying Guide

Finding the nearest CVS store is pretty simple. With the CVS stores locator website, you can find the same. Also, you can use Google to find the nearest CVS stores. Once you are in the CVS store, you just have to approach the sales personnel to get the stamps. You’ll find a variety of stamps depending on the availability. Majority of the times, you’ll find the Forever Stamps at CVS Stores. It’s pretty easy to get the standard and Global Forever Stamps online at CVS stores.

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As a buyer, you don’t have to roam around checking isles in the stationary section. CVS does not keep the stamps in the stationary department, but they are available on request. You can ask for the billing personnel or the manager for buying postage stamps at CVS. If you are willing to get the individual stamps, then unfortunately you can’t do the same. You will find only the booklet of stamps, which contains 20 stamps at once. Buying the stamps in bulk is mandatory. The cost of Forever stamps at CVS is same as the US Mail offices. You don’t have to pay any surcharge or tax on the same. Well, with the postage stamps at CVS, you have to pay only $11 for each sheet of the Forever stamps. If you buy the Forever Global Stamps, then you need to spend more, but it’s worth buying the postage stamps in bulk.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Does CVS Sell Postage Stamps?

Instead of throwing people into the confusion, we prefer answering all of the questions. It’s always better to give people answers to the common questions to prevent the confusion and frustration. Here are a few questions that you might have in your mind about the CVS postage stamps.


#1 – Can I Buy Stamps at CVS?

Yes. CVS pharmacy does sell postal stamps in their stores. All of the CVS stores will have the Forever stamps in their stock. You just have to ask the staff members for the same.

#2 – I can’t find Stamps at CVS in Isles. What to do?

CVS doesn’t keep the postage stamps in the isles. You have to specifically ask the Cashier or the manager for Forever postage stamps. They are available on request and not sold in the isles.

#3 – How much is a book of stamps at CVS?

The pricing of the Forever first-class book of stamps is same as the United States Postal services. You will find the Forever first-class stamps starting from $11 per booklet. This pricing is including all the taxes . For the First-class Forever Global stamps, you’ll need to spend more money according to the pricing set by USPS.

#4 – Is it Cheaper to Buy Stamps at Post office?

No. The United States Postal Service or US Mail allows the third-party sellers to sell postal stamps at the same price as USPS. The pricing is same at the Post office and nearby third-party stores. So, it won’t be cheaper to buy postal stamps at Post offices, unless it’s way too close from your house.


Final Words

No one wants to stand in line at a Post Office for an extended period of time. Even if the post office is close by, you don’t want to go there due to the crowd. Plus, ordering a lot of postage stamps from the internet markeptlaces is quite inconvenient. So it’s better to head down to your local CVS store , as CVS Does Sell Stamps in the United States of America.

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